Looking for holiday cottages in Snowdonia National Park?

Snowdonia National Park is now known only by its beautiful Welsh name: Eryri National Park.

Snowdon (our tallest mountain) is also now known only by its Welsh name: Yr Wyddfa.

…then you’ve found the perfect place to stay! It’s just that the area is not called Snowdonia any more: the beautiful Welsh name is the only name now in use: Eryri meaning ‘the place of the eagles’.

Eryri is pronounced: “Eh – ruh – ree”

We’ll help you to find a route that will suit you perfectly! Snowdon (the mountain) is now known only by its Welsh name Yr Wyddfa, which means grave, and myth has it that the giant Rhita Gawr was buried on the mountain after a battle with King Arthur.

Yr Wyddfa is easy to pronounce: “Er – with – va”


Eryri (the name of the National Park) is pronounced: “Eh – ruh – ree”

Yr Wyddfa (the name of our tallest mountain) is pronounced: “Er – with – va”


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