Electric Vehicle Chargers at Benar Cottages

Make your next holiday more environmentally-friendly by booking a stay at one of our cottages – all of which have electric vehicle charging points. You can relax knowing you will be fully-charged and ready to go for the next day’s adventure whilst on holiday.

Have you seen our cottages listed elsewhere?

Let us help you save on your booking and on the cost of charging your electric vehicle. Every other website that lists our cottages will charge you more because they add a booking fee / service fee / commission. Sometimes they hide the fees in the overall price. If you book with us directly it will cost you significantly less and, if you quote the special offer code below we will reduce the normal kWh price for EV charging by 25%

For 25% Off EV Charging, quote: EV25

Booking agencies charge you extra

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cottages with electric car charging points?

Here at Benar Cottages, we understand that having your own car with you is one of the many benefits of choosing to holiday to Cymru – Wales. We want to make it easy for our guests to travel in a more carbon-friendly way and we understand how difficult it can be to find a cottage with a vehicle charger.

What sort of vehicle chargers do you have? 

We have Project EV 7kw chargers.

Where are the chargers?

Right outside your cottage in your private parking space. You are guaranteed your own charger – nobody else has access to it.

How will I start the charger? 

You will find instructions inside your cottage. You simply connect your car, scan the QR-code and start charging.

Are there any restrictions on usage?

Only the guests booked to stay at the cottage are allowed to use the charger but, apart from that – no – you can use the charger as much or as little as you like.

How much do you charge?

We regularly review our charges when business energy rates change however, we currently charge a one-off connection fee of £1 and then 65p per kWh. All you have to do is mention the special offer code above and we will reduce the kWh price by 25%. We are pretty certain that makes us the cheapest place in the area to charge a vehicle and, of course, you are guaranteed your own charger.

How will I pay for the electricity?

The charger will let us know how much electricity you have used. When you have completed your final charge before returning home, we will send an invoice which you can pay by credit card.

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