How do you say “Betws-y-Coed”?

Almost every guest asks us: How do you pronounce Betws-y-Coed? and in fact, we think it’s our favourite question so we have created this page so that you can practise a few words of Welsh!

Our top tip is to forget all that you have heard about the Welsh language being difficult  – it really isn’t! However, some of the letters as well as the seven vowels in our language can cause a little confusion for English speakers so we have created some audio clips: simply listen and repeat.

Easy, isn’t it!

Are you ready for a few more words? How about the name of your cottage?

Out and about: some local place names

And if you are pronouncing all those places like a pro, you will need to know how to order a drink at the pub…

Gai beint o gwrw, os gwelwch yn dda? (May I have a pint of beer, please?)

Gai wydraid o win, os gwelwch yn dda?? (May I have a glass of wine, please?)

One lovely word to finish: “Croeso” which means “Welcome” or “You’re Welcome”