The Eagles Pub, Penmachno

The Eagles pub in the village of Penmachno is a typically Welsh village local: friendly people, a good selection of ale, lager and cider as well as pub-grub at the weekends. On Thursday nights there is a free Welsh class too so why not buy yourself a ‘diod’, sit down and have a chat with the locals.

Travel time from Benar Cottages: 3 minutes

You can walk to the village of Penmachno from Benar Cottages: it is the very first activity in the Benar Cottages activities folder. Choose from an afternoon hike through the forest or simply stroll across the fields – 2o minutes and you’re there! There is also a well-stocked local shop, the chapel (Capel Salem) and the village church (Eglwys St Tudclud).