Dylan’s Restaurants

There are three “Dylan’s” restaurants in North Wales (Cricieth, Llandudno, Menai Bridge) and they’re all worth a visit for amazing food in stunning locations. In Cricieth – the restaurant is housed in a light-filled, 1950s, deco-style beachside pavilion designed by Portmeirion architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and once used by Butlin’s for afternoon tea dances. Dylan’s is a must when visiting Cricieth. Like its sister restaurants in Llandudno and Menai Bridge, it offers beautiful sea views to complement a globe-trotting bistro menu which includes pizzas, curries and seafood.

Travel time from Benar Cottages: all three restaurants are 45-50 minutes’ drive

When our guests ask us what to do on a rainy day, we always suggest a visit to Dylan’s. What could be better than sitting in a cosy restaurant, being served amazing food and watching the waves crash against the beach (it’s just as lovely on a sunny day, of course!)